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 Future Strength guide

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PostSubject: Future Strength guide   Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:10 pm

I plan on making a strength guide with a few friends whom also have 99 str, along with me, so ill post it on the web to help you cc peoples since it is the most popular 99 in rs followed up by cooking then fletching

friends who also have 99 str involved in this guide will be Team Grand, R1ze Againzt, and darth sq will most likely make a vid if we decide to vid

message me ingame if you are on the raod and ur searching for advice, or if u also have 99 str and would like to offer tips into this guide. it's basically going to be a collection of tons of tips and vids of places what to use , ways to get past boredom, patience issues, exp tables ph/r for places, alot of good stuff

Conatact Join Z A A A M's cc im in it practically everyday for atleast 3-4 hours

Ps: rather then having the normal vid its gonna have vids pictures actuall footage and tips not jsut my opinions but from 20+ players whom also have 99str and other 99s!!!
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Future Strength guide
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