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 Clan Wars Strategy Guide

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PostSubject: Clan Wars Strategy Guide   Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:33 pm

Hello and Welcome to my first Guide i've made!

There are many strategies leaders of clans use to defeat a strong, enemy clan. So, here are all the strategies you can use to defeat your opponent.


[big]Table of Contents[/big]

Use Ctrl + F and type what you want to read below

[big]A. Introduction[/big]

[big]B. Pile #1 - Murder[/big]

[big]C. Pile #2 - Sniping Pile[/big]

[big][color:be69=#090]D. Turret Building[/big]

[big][color:be69=#fe0]E. Spreading[/big]

[big]F. Jumping[/big]

[big]G. Credits[/big]


[big]A. Introduction[/big]

Hello all, and welcome to my clan wars guide. I have made this guide because many leaders do not know how to lead a clan the right way in a playoff or regular war. They've wondered why are we always losing? Am I doing something wrong? Well, this guide will give you the answer, and if he or she is doing it wrong, they can make up there mistake by looking at this thread and correct their mistakes and hopefully, succeed. I would like to thank all who have helped me within these screenshots, and I also thank the Arch Angelz for giving me the opportunity to join their official clan, and using their forums to put this guide up first.

[big]B. Murdering[/big]

Murdering, is another name for grabbing all of your clan members into following you, and piling the first one you see. This strategy is very good if are in a clan war that is almost equal sides of members. However, if you do this strategy if there are more than 40 people on each side, your clan will crumble to the opponents side. Why is this? The reason why is you do not do this is because the opponents side can have a snipe team, and also a main pile with them. I recommend, not to use Murder when having more than 40 people in a clan war.

Murdering starts by bringing all of your clan mates to follow you or someone else in your team:

There are 2 ways for taking routes into leading piles. The first one is called Rushing. Rushing is when you run, or walk into the center of the turrets field and pile any white dot you see on your mini map. This is great for if you are losing, if you Rush correctly instead of losing you will quickly make the scoreboards say that your team is winning.

The second is Flanking. Flanking is my absolute favorite one to do. Flanking is when you go to the East or Western Side and move through the North East/ North West/South East/ South West and pile the opponents team from behind and work your way through the center. Flanking is really great if you have more than 30 people in a war.

Here are the 2 Routes for Murdering:

C. Sniping Piles

Sniping Piles is basically the same as Murdering, Except there are 2 piles instead of 1. Sniping Piles consist of a main pile, and a snipe pile. If you do not know what sniping is please check the F2P Guides seen on the home page of Arch Angelz on the top.

Main Piles proceed as normal, but Sniping piles consist of three or more 90+ levels. This tactic is great for playoffs mostly, and big wars. The Main Piles can Flank or Rush for whatever they choose, but Snipe piles always proceed to the west.

When the opponents team is piling someone, the snipe piles comes in and takes out their pile:

D. Turret Building

The one that Tika191 never likes Smile

Turret Building is when you get all of your clan piled up in one turret, and whoever passes gets an instant K0. This strategy is great for breaking the opponents clan piles because (A) There are too many people so they cannot find who to pile, and (B) Spam.

Turret Building is NOT Running to defeat an opponent who has ran away from the turret.

Each time someone runs away from your turret, DO NOT RUN WITH THEM, STAY IN THE TURRET

When Your leader calls out a pile, try and find that pile and stick with it because if you don't you'll probably find yourself dead, and it won't do any good to your team.

[big][color:be69=#fe0]E. Spreading / Death Dotting[/big]

Spreading is when you go to a certain location and spread all your teammates there, to evoke the opponent's clan. This strategy is EXTREMELY great for if you are facing a clan double your size! Just like turret building, you stay in that location and you DO NOT run with a person you are attacking that is running from the Spread!

Spreading Can either look like this:

Or you can Make your Clan do death dot like this:

When your opponent's clan reaches about the amount of your clan in war, you then start do Rush. Instead of waiting like you have done through the whole war.

E. Jumping

Jumping is the #1 best strategy in wars. It is very rare to see the strategy occur, but here is how it goes: First, you make 3 different piles. (1) A Melee Pile (have atleast 2 binders with you), (2) A Range Pile, and (3) A Magic Pile.

Now some of you are saying, what? This strategy is trash! Well, it isn't because keep reading this. Melee Piles will Flank or Rush whatever they choose. Range Piles will snipe, and Magic Piles will remain in a turret.

Here is the Recommended format for each section:

This strategy is the number 1 strategy for automatic destruction. This can only work if you have more than 80 people in a war.


Thank you All who helped in the Screen shots! :

-Brian3993 (Screenshot Taker)


-cd is here


-DacBiet Viet



-A Random Person Who I forgot the name of.

THANKS ALL I hope you enjoyed my guide!


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PostSubject: Re: Clan Wars Strategy Guide   Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:00 pm

Nice guide 5/5 Very Happy Very Happy
Somthing I didn't knew. lol![b]
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Clan Wars Strategy Guide
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